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  • Providing local governments in Canada
    with the knowledge and tools to accelerate
    circular economy solutions

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Over one year, the Canadian Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) will advance knowledge sharing and capacity building among the Canadian local government sector – offering a national webinar series on innovative approaches and providing direct support, guidance and peer-to-peer exchange for a group of 15 communities as they take steps to become more circular. Visit our Peer-to-Peer Network page to learn more about the selected communities.

Communities are well-positioned to be key enablers of the circular economy transition. They are committed to creating thriving, resilient and livable communities by delivering on a range of societal, economic and environmental objectives while taking bold action on climate change.

Our cities and regions are where people, knowledge, ideas and data come together, where innovation is cultivated, and where most of our natural resources are consumed and our waste generated. These inherent dynamics position local and regional government policy-makers at the forefront of the circular economy evolution. While significant leadership is already underway, applying a circular economy framework has the potential to help local governments meet their commitments to nurture a low carbon and prosperous future for their citizens.


Local Government Benefits

The CCRI offers a unique learning opportunity for Canadian local governments.
By participating in the CCRI Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network, communities will:

Learn how to get started and embed circular economy approaches
Identify key points of intervention
Understand benefits, challenges and opportunities with peers across Canada
Engage directly with Canadian and international experts
Access one-on-one mentoring, support and advice
Explore how to measure circularity progress and success
Create a community roadmap for your circular economy

CCRI Highlights

Webinar Series

A series of public knowledge-sharing webinars exploring innovative circular city approaches from across Canada and globally

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network

In-depth access to circular economy experts and the opportunity to discuss approaches, opportunities and challenges with peers from across the country

With two foundational workshops and key resources on circular economy provided by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Action Planning

Facilitated half-day virtual workshops, additional guidance, and one-on-one support to help participating communities in the P2P Network develop a circular economy roadmap for their community

Get Engaged

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Want to learn more about the initiative, discover inspiring projects and hear from international experts?

Check out recording of the CCRI Kick-Off Webinar and Information Session.

Webinar Series

P2P Network

Review the diverse group of P2P Network member communities.

15 communities from coast to coast are embarking on their own unique circular economy journey.

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